One Industry Finally Understands The Significance Of A CIO

One Industry Finally Understands The Significance Of A CIO

‘Tis the season that my CIO clients are beginning to obtain itchy to test something totally new. The children are from school and greener pastures beckon. They keep asking me where they must be searching for his or her next CIO job. Can there be any industry which will truly understand the value that the skilled CIO may bring towards the job? Apparently , the reply is yes and at this time I am recommending one industry particularly: energy companies.

Why Energy Companies Love Their CIOs

For a CIO to become fully appreciated by their company, the organization should have a genuine requirement for their professional services. At this era, energy companies fit that bill – they’re facing significant IT challenges.

The very first factor that CIOs have to realize when linked with emotions . consider employed by a power clients are just precisely what a power company does. Yes, producing usable energy is a huge area of the company’s job. However, there’s much more happening.

Energy companies purchase and sell energy and futures. They spend a lot of effort and time planning the way they will generate energy later on. Many of these tasks require lots of data. But now are energy companies beginning to cope with just just how they will both store and connect to the considerable amounts of digital data that they must more precisely perform their jobs.

Since energy information mill performing tasks that other firms will also be doing, benchmarking is an extremely valuable activity. The CIO is required to be able to implement methods for performing ongoing benchmarking analysis with multiple other firms.

Finally, we’re entering a brand new era from the smart energy gird. Which means that sophisticated two-way meters are now being set up in homes and companies. The quantity of real-time data that energy companies will have to process is about to skyrocket. The CIO will probably be needed to create solutions for coping with these new challenges.

Why Employed By A Power Clients Are Great For CIOs

Now let us get lower towards the nitty-gritty: why shall we be held telling my CIO clients to consider CIO jobs within the energy industry? The reason why are really really quite simple. Everything begins with the truth that the power companies have it – information is just about the ultimate competitive advantage and also the CIO supports the answer to supplying the organization using the information which they require.

In the realm of energy companies It truly matters. Rather to be told what’s been made the decision and requested to apply it, the IT department has been asked towards the strategy table as well as their inputs are shaping what the organization decides to complete.

Research conducted recently of one’s company organizations says 20% of CIOs within this industry report straight to the Chief executive officer. Furthermore, 5% – 10% from the other firms are moving their CIOs in the business chart every year. Even though the figures aren’t wonderful, they’re much better than in other industries.